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Workshops & Trainings

Support the growth and development of your team with expertly facilitated trainings that promote psychological safety, burn-out prevention, trauma-informed leadership, and skills to foster inclusive work environments. In addition to my experience in the mental health field, I have been leading programs and trainings on Diversity and Inclusion since 2016. I earned a Diversity and Inclusion certificate from Cornell in 2021, and I am a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory. Schedule a free phone consultation or email for rates and availability.

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Together, we'll design trainings that meet the specific needs of your team

Here are a few examples:


Psychological Safety & Engagement

The benefits of a diverse team cannot be fully leveraged in environments that are unable to foster authenticity, risk-taking,and engagement. This training outlines some foundational pillars of success in these areas.


Trauma-Informed Leadership

Increase your managerial impact with foundational knowledge about Trauma. Learn how it impacts interpersonal dynamics and individual wellness. Gain strategies to support your team's overall engagement, and impact.


Vicarious Trauma & Compassion Fatigue

This training supports mental health professionals, first-responders, caretakers, and those in service to others. Learn to identify the symptoms of vicarious trauma, methods of recovery, and prevention. 


Managing Anxiety & Wellness Practices

Improve your team's resilience with a deeper understanding of anxiety, and skills to develop systems of self-care that prevent burn-out and increase job satisfaction

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)


Group Profiles

The IDI provides a Group Profile report that outlines a teams current orientation toward navigating cultural differences. The results of the assessment are a helpful guide for leveraging the innovative potential of a multicultural team. This assessment provides valuable insights about the strengths and growth opportunities for developing intercultural competence - a valuable skill for fostering healthy team dynamics and impactful customer relationships.


Individual Profiles

The IDI provides an Individual Profile report that includes an individual's perceived orientation toward navigating cultural differences (i.e. - how interculturally competent I think I am), and actual score (i.e. - how others really experience me). The results of this assessment increase self-awareness and provide a guide for developing skills to navigate the nuances of intercultural dynamics that impact relationships, collaborative processes, team cohesion, efficacy and impact in the workplace. 


Individual Action Plans

Not only does the IDI provide insights about one's current orientation toward navigating cultural differences, it also provides an Action Plan to direct engagement and learning opportunities that, when implemented, can propel an individual forward toward greater intercultural competence.

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a cross-culturally valid assessment for building cultural competence. This assessment provides both individual and group scores, as well as individual action plans to encourage the development of intercultural competency.

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