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Mission & Values

At Counseling in Context my mission is to provide counseling services that are informed by the racial, cultural, gendered, and spiritual contexts of each client’s life. To appropriately adapt the therapeutic process based on the knowledge of each client's context. To work with individuals, families, and couples to address symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and interpersonal conflict. To create a safe space for clients to share their stories and experiences in a non-judgmental and affirming environment. To deconstruct and challenge the impacts of racism, sexism, impostor syndrome, and stereotype-threat in the lives of marginalized communities.  


I hold a deep desire and expectation for you, your partner, and your family to experience the changes you want to see in your lives, and I work diligently to instill that same sense of hope and expectation in you. 


A “one-size-fits-all" approach does not work. Your story, history, culture, belief-system, relationships, family context, etc., matters and will inform our work together.  


 As I contribute my expertise in our work together, I will also be encouraging you to incorporate your strengths, and the 

expertise you have on your own life, into the therapeutic process. 


It is my desire to play a part in ending the trauma of sexism, racism, and oppression by supporting the mental health of impacted communities. 

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