Every relationship has strengths and challenges. Exploring them together can help shift frustrating patterns of conflict and distance into opportunities for vulnerability, forgiveness, and connection.


Sometimes it’s necessary to pause the busyness of life to reflect and process your own needs. Individual sessions allow you to take space for personal growth, self-care, discernment, and general well-being.   


We all experience adversity, pain, disappointment, and deep sadness at various points in our lives. You are not alone. At Counseling in Context, you will receive culturally adaptive care and support that is tailored to your needs.  


Life transitions and strained relationships can create stress within a family unit, but finding a new sense of stability and connection is possible. 

Trauma Survivors

Trauma can shake us to the core and trap us in a cycle of “re-living” past events. In addition to talk therapy,

I use a treatment model called Lifespan Integration to re-process traumatic experiences so that moving forward is possible.  



Session Rates 

  • 50 minute Individual Session - $150

  • 50 minute Couple and Family Session - $200

  • 90 minute Couple and Family Session - $250

  • 90 minute Lifespan Integration Session - $250


Sliding Scale and Student Rates

It is my desire to make counseling services as accessible as possible. I offer a Student Rate for Undergraduate and Graduate School students, and I offer Sliding Scale rates through a non-profit network called the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective.

Open Path helps connect people who are uninsured, under-insured, or those who are facing financial hardship, to low-cost counseling options. There is a $59 one-time membership fee that connects you to a lifetime resource of affordable counseling services. Learn more at 

Availability is limited. Schedule a Free Phone-Consult to determine if openings are available for Open Path and Student Rates. 


Services can be paid by Credit Card - including Health Saving Account (HSA) Credit Cards.



I do not accept insurance. However, I can provide you with a Super Bill for an out-of-network insurance reimbursement. Please verify with your insurance company that they will reimburse an out-of-network provider.